Update Us Covid-19 Update Tool

All orders as of today must be picked up or rerouted if they have not been picked up, we have a few recurring customers that have chose not to update us as to when and where they would like the packages to be picked up, we understand Covid-19 has impacted us so we have held the packages with no issue and discontinued processing the orders until updated by the customer. However we are still operating and are able to deliver the order to any different address that is given to us as a temporary address update tool that will be created today. any packages that we have will be held and a handling fee of 36 cents plus additional $1.50 per delivery attempt. we hate to do this but as our expenses are rising and the additional space that is being used by the orders we are needing to make a way to encourage the customer to gather the orders, we encourage all of our customers to understand that our policy of keeping us updated of any changes was a part of the paperwork that was signed when signing up for recurring. This is why we need to be updated otherwise we have 1 month worth of orders that are not delivered and nowhere to deliver them since they are not prepaid. our delivery vehicles and our fulfillment centers need to have as much space due to the current outbreak. note the fees will be waived if you call or email us to update your information. Thanks For Being A Valued Customer, This applies to all of our service areas within the united states, TEMP-POLICY- 0022**